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Meet the Artist

In short....  Alex Seebachan lives in Annapolis Maryland and is the owner and artist of Framed Bouquets. He is passionate about carrying on his mother's business which started in 1994, originally known as Leaf it to Gina. Starting at an early age, he has many years of experience as an artist. In November 2020 Alex officially launched Framed Bouquets as a way to highlight the beauty of nature.



Febuary - 1994

March - 2014

January - 2015

October - 2020

 - Present

Alex's mother found an efficient way to preserve flowers and started the business Leave it to Gina. While raising four kids she decided to take a step back from the business and focus on family.

DSC_0019 - Copy.JPG

At a young age Alex starts to learn the business and skills of flower preservation from his mother and uses his own money for his first few frames.

It's a hit! Alex does his first art fair at an Annapolis art show and finds an audience. He continues to do multiple art shows a year and encounters a demand for online access and customizable options.

IMG_3595 - Copy.JPG

Using the feedback, Alex launched creating a place for people to have their flowers preserved and framed.

Wanting to take his artistic ability beyond his mother's, he continues to work on his craft and help others with their budding dreams.

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