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Colorful Flowers

Flower Preservation 

1.) Separate

The First step is we take the live flowers apart by separating the stems from head.


Then the flowers are submerged in silica for 2-3 weeks.

3.) Sit out

The Flowers then are placed in a room with 30% humidity for the remainder of the time until used.  

4.) Seal

Finally the flowers will be sealed in the frame so no moisture can reach the flowers.

Autumn Foliage

Leaf Preservation

1.) Collect 

Leaves are easier to preserve however they take much more time to track a specific type

2.) Spray

Then the leaves are sprayed  front to back with a secret formula to be laid out and covered with a special fabric for 6 weeks.  

3.) Flip

During the process every two weeks the leaves are flipped and coated with another layer of spray on both sides. 

4.) Seal

Just like flowers they will be sealed in the frame so the leaves can avoid high levels of moisture. 

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