Frequently asked questions

How long do your preserved flowers last? & how do I care for my frame?

Our various nature mediums when preserved through our special process will last a long time but please understand that frames should never be placed in a room or area with high humidity or direct sunlight for this will cause the flowers to lose color very quickly however if kept properly then your frame can last anywhere from 8-10 years with slight fading.

Are there any flowers or items of nature that can’t be preserved?

Certain flowers do contain a lot of moisture which means the process is more timely, and often they do not work well; such as ranunculus. There are certain hues that do not preserve as bright as we would desire, such as red roses. They tend to turn quite dark whereas white roses often turn more ivory or linen color. There are also some very frail flowers such as orchids, lilies, tulips and daisies that are simply more difficult to work with and often have to have every single petal individually glued in thus requiring more extensive care. The good news is that the colors of 90% of the flowers we have preserved turn out brilliantly bold both in color and dimension.

I am attending a wedding and I would like to give the couple a custom frame for their special day. How should I go about this?

Great idea! You can fill out an order or contact us and we'll be happy to help workout what we can use to make their frame special. Things to have if your planning a frame for a friend - know the type of flowers or a color scheme - photo or wedding invitation

Do you only do custom pieces?

For now we only do custom pieces but feel free to check out our instagram for something that might catch your eye.

Can I customize even if it's not an event?


Have you experienced frames breaking or flowers coming unglued through the shipping process

No, we specially use a weighted plexiglass which is more durable and a safer option when shippng and make sure each flower and leaf is individually glued on to the frame

Do you accept returns?

We do not accept returns once when the order has been purchased but feel free to reach out if you have any questions about last minute changes

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